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Hard Sci Fi Survives and Thrives on MARS

Andy Weir is the hottest new author in hard core Sci Fi!

He is every writer’s dream. He had a passion, a hobby, a fascination with space travel.
He blogged as he wrote each chapter. HIS FANS came to him and asked for an ebook so he collected them and made one. Technical problems proved serendipitous and forced him to reformat it and post on Amazon.

WHAM ! The ebook is a top seller on Amazon. In one week the unimaginable happened to this self-published author, an agent called him, he got a book publishing deal and a movie deal.

Amazing what happens when you have a good story and tell it well.

Read the book then see the upcoming movie release Date 10/2/2015
Movie directed by Ridley Scott staring Matt Damon http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/the-martian
( Which NASA consulted on and was recommended by an astronaut)

Full details on story on Business Insider : http://www.businessinsider.com/how-andy-weirs-the-martian-became-so-successful-2015-6


( Thanks for the Link to BI Helen Savore)


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