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Poetry lives

I like poetry. I like rhyming couplets and free verse. I like sonnets and epics. I like the freedom and feeling of poems.

I like you can write them in less than a year. I like they are a snap of life, of a moment, of a thought.

Found out a friend of mine had a poem printed in APEX magazine last year.

Very nice poem. If you are half alive now -How can you be fully alive?


Another fellow made his own online curated poetry chapbook.

Many of the poems are strong and carry you away into another way of thinking. I especially like the flow of “Imprisoned Avian Dreams” by Corvus and the misdirection of  “Wolf Break” by Huskiteer.  “Sex thing or What” by Leif the Otter sounds true to me as I am a teenager’s mother.

Take a moment and grab a poem to chew on.  You might like it.



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Fragments of Persephone

Fragments of Persephone is an exploration of the difference of the feminine stereotypes and the female reality.  The collection actively seeks to question and push what you know and how you view the world. It is  a Spotlight Series Feature in the Winter Tangerine Review.

 Some of the topics are intense and some images are not recommended for minors.  Very Raw intended to shock.

The visual images of “Immersion” by Anna Yarrow – beautiful snapshots of a world we live in but seldom see.

The “subversive act of protest” in the presentation of women in art as captured by Maggie Dunlap’s “The Female Gaze”.  Being a art lover, I enjoyed the juxtaposition of images of women versus the portrayal of women in famous works of art. This is not for minors and has flashing images.

The Mythological exploration of “You Are The End”, illustrations by Sabrina Barnett

The playful imagery of “If I were to wrap myself in gold” by Raena Shirali

The playfulness of “Hottentotting” by Xandria Phillips

Nice portraits in “The Act Of Knowing Oneself” by Daliah Ammar, reminds me of Lucian Freud.

Intrigued by the poem of Shinji Moon – Curious about her book “The Anatomy of Being” – read the review – first one is one of her poems. Talks to you if you listen with an open mind.

I know “Frame” by Franni Choi. I understand it, I feel it, I loved it, I am recovering from it.


Fragments of Persephone was edited by Jeanann Verlee & Alexandra Levasseur. I strongly recommend it.

“Winter Tangerine Review” is a donation-funded art and poetry project. Yasmin Belkhyr is editor-in-chief.



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