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The Wild West lives in Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny

After reading The Pickup, I needed some light reading so I wandered to Tempe O’Kun’s Sixes Wild Manifest Destiny from SofaWolf. Night and day difference.  This novella is set in the wild west in a fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic people. The sheriff is a gun toting fruitbat; the outlaw is an ornery rabbit; the doctor is a fox. You get the idea.

O’Kun does an excellent job with dialect and colorful idioms and uses them liberally in his story. Perhaps too much, as a reader I could not just slip in and flow with the story. I kept being tossed out by an out phrase here or there and had to stop reading to figure out what it meant.   The main characters have some depth to them, but the secondary characters were pretty thin.  Not to say I did not enjoy the story, but the talent is there to do a little bit more.

I do recommend this story to adults ( NOT FOR UNDER 18) who like anthromorphic fantasy romance. This story is a blend of Wild Wild West meets Zootopia.    Sixes Wild Manifest Destiny leaves you hungry for the continuing adventures of Sixes and her “lawbat”.



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First Atlanta Publishing Convention

Looking forward to attending Georgia’s first publishing convention.



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