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Meet the author: Claire Count

Sesame Street and Muppets, Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo, humans on the Moon, Yellow Submarines, Hippies and H. R. Puffenstuff– those are the images of my youth in the 70’s.  Then came an awareness of assignation of MLK, JFK, and John Lennon, the lies of Nixon and misinformation from Reagan, the death of Elvis before he got to meet me – his loss. The world created a Baby Buster who had a cynical and skeptical view of others, but overall a bright rainbow and lollipops view of the future.

I had been raised in the “big cities” of Dallas TX and Memphis TN with music and Graceland, amazing zoos and the Pink Palace Museum, but at age 8 my life changed as my family returned to the ancestral home in Dalton GA, ‘Carpet Capital of the World’, in the secluded foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I was a fish out of water. These kids did not talk right, did not dress right, and they ate funny foods. But rather than suffocating, I evolved like an amphibious fish. (Yes, it exists; see Wikipedia.)

Never quite feeling at home anywhere, watching from a distance these strange peoples. Were I born 100 years earlier, I would be a celebrated recluse.  Nowadays, I am just eccentric and introverted. I excel in escapes from “reality”: academics, reading, comics, art, theatre, and later, my great vice, computer games.  I found camaraderie in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program of 1984, was sent to the convent of Converse College where I studied Theatre and Psychology; completed my formal education with a Master’s of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in Theatrical Design. During Grad School, I found my life partner, Kraig Count,  and only then learned to live in the world – not beside it — with his unending acceptance and support. We have just celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary on Halloween by killing zombies together online, a match made in Heaven.

Hobbies include reading, writing (duh), visual art, theatre, classical and jazz music, gardening, and gaming.  I am passionate about the future and support environmental causes that help there be a desirable world for the future and children causes so that they may be worthy of that world.

Member of Sisters In Crime – Atlanta Chapter and Guppies, Mystery Writers of America, VIDA Women in Literary Arts, Broad Universe, and Atlanta Writer’s Club. I am co-owner of Quick Grey Fox Publishing with my husband.

Wish I was there

Kraig and Claire Count on celebrating 20th Anniversary on a DVC member Disney cruise.


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