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There are some projects in the pipeline but I am under an NDA so can’t talk about them yet. Stay tuned for updates though.


UNRAVEL, a Black Hare Press Anthology, released October 2019

Released October 2019, an anthology of murder and mayhem from Black Hare Press in Australia. Can you UNRAVEL the mysteries?

Come join the seasoned chief inspector as they train a junior constable facing her first gruesome double murder in “No Leftovers” or the taciturn detective who has lost hope in “Unspoken”.

Unravel anthology from Black Hare Press


America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Deep South

New release from Z Publishing House includes an emotional story from Claire Count. “Carry-Out Service” is a fictionalized account based on an assault on the author while she was in college. Claire is delighted that her “Me Too” story found a home in America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Deep South. Available as of Easter 2019.

2018 edition of Georgia’s Emerging Writers:

Claire Count is delighted to announce the publication of her British manor house mystery short story “Fleeting Victory” in the Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction anthology by Z Publishing House.  Publication date is August 2018. 

What if the trifecta of means, motive, and opportunity is not enough to shift out the serial murder in a noble household? Who gets caught holding the bag? How many must die before justice is served?

Tea anyone?

Coming soon via Kickstarter, Werewolves Versus: Volume One

Update: – Problem with printer due to size. Project delayed per editor

Five years of work, over 780 pages of stories, art, and comics. Angela Quinton, editor, is working with Canadian fulfillment company  Make That Thing, an agency of Topatoco, to produce a compilation of the five volume of Werewolves Versus.   A publisher has been found that can print and bind the behemoth. Very excited to see the story in print.

Please put your email address in this Google form  ( form )  to be notified by email when the Kickstarter campaign launches expected  Summer 2018.  Form goes to Werewolves Versus. This is a blank to show how massive this book will be.  Can’t wait to see the cover art.

WV01: The 1990s
WV02: Romance
WV03: Music
WV04: Space
WV05: Hollywood





Hollywood – I’m in this edition with my romantic comedy of a love sick puppy in “Sugar and Spice”.

Werewolves Versus ebook anthologies – pay what you like 

Werewolves Versus: Fascism

“No Mercy” is a story of unrequited love and its consequences found in Werewolves vs Fascism. Set during Mussolini’s Italy, an  OVRA black shirt police officer learns the hard way that you can’t force love.

A charity anthology to raise funds for Southern Poverty Law Center in reaction to the tense political climate of 2017/ and 2108/ and 2019. Werewolves vs Fascism ebook, edited by A. Werewolf,  released in May 2017, pay what you want $1 or more.  31 entries, 15 pieces of original art

Only found in the ebook.  This edition will not be included in the upcoming print version. Available on Gumroad at

Minimum contribution $1  – all proceeds go to charity. 

Werewolves Versus: Hollywood

“Sugar and Spice” is a romantic comedy about a young couple too considerate to actually talk to each other, set at the birth of the golden age of Hollywood.  Rather like a Shakespearean Comedy of Errors – but with werewolves.  Edited by Argyle Werewolf, Werewolves Versus Hollywood ebook released March 2018.  A collection of arts, comics, poetry and short stories in a fabulous unconventional anthology.

A werewolf in a zoot suit, now that’s comedy. Ba-da-dum!

Available in ebook through Gumroad at .       Pay what you like to support the writers and artists.