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Stories live forever – but not their Creators

Nice thing about being an author – is that you can touch so many lives. And lives after you are no longer here.  This has been a shocking month with many prominent literary losses. So take advantage of opportunities now – go attend a conference, take a class, meet your idols now. Glean what you can learn from them, get inspired.


Sue Grafton  – A B C Murders – “The alphabet now ends in Y” said her daughter.  a Sister in Crime  – she started writing the year I was born –                                        what a legacy


Ursula K. Le Guin  – EarthSea and more – Science Fiction and Fantasy giant – a woman writing sci fi as a woman – not initials or                                                                         under a male nom de plum- when she started that was HUGE – a literary Icon said Stephen King

“The US Library of Congress designated Le Guin a Living Legend in 2000, for her significant contribution to America’s cultural heritage.”

per Ursula Le Guin’s agent, if you wish to donate in memory of her please support Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Jack Ketchum – named by Stephen King the scariest writer in America – Horror genre

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Word Builder January 2018

Word Builder Inculcate: Verb – to teach or instill such as a moral or an attitude by persistence

Typewriter Key

Tom Hanks gave a typewriter to a family who wrote to him:

The letter to Hanks, she said, explained that “we would really use this typewriter to try to inculcate this value of communication specifically around gratitude.”


Word builder; Deicide ~ (Dee-uh-side)  noun~ to kill a god or a killer of a god- had to look up thought was misspelled.

“This ain’t my first deicide, ya know. Gods ain’t so tough.”

From one of my fave webcomics #GuildedAge

Phyrric –  (Pir -ik) adjective -(a victory) won at too great a cost -perhaps too great. Had heard the word by never seen it spelled out. Magneto said it in a

majuscule – noun – large lettering – usually letters all cap and same sized – like in signage or drafting.

Sanguine – Adj is a cheery disposition or blood red, Noun is a blood red color -Ran across in Titanquest game  – Sanguine Swords

Salacious adjective – in a deceitful sexual way, lustful or lecherous

Febrile – adjective – having or symptoms of a fever  or  nervous excitement and high energy  A BBC Article about a North Korean Defector

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