Word Builder January 2018

Word Builder Inculcate: Verb – to teach or instill such as a moral or an attitude by persistence

Typewriter Key

Tom Hanks gave a typewriter to a family who wrote to him:

The letter to Hanks, she said, explained that “we would really use this typewriter to try to inculcate this value of communication specifically around gratitude.”



Word builder; Deicide ~ (Dee-uh-side)  noun~ to kill a god or a killer of a god- had to look up thought was misspelled.

“This ain’t my first deicide, ya know. Gods ain’t so tough.”

From one of my fave webcomics #GuildedAge http://guildedage.net/

Phyrric –  (Pir -ik) adjective -(a victory) won at too great a cost -perhaps too great. Had heard the word by never seen it spelled out. Magneto said it in a

majuscule – noun – large lettering – usually letters all cap and same sized – like in signage or drafting. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20170502-what-your-handwriting-says-about-you

Sanguine – Adj is a cheery disposition or blood red, Noun is a blood red color -Ran across in Titanquest game  – Sanguine Swords

Salacious adjective – in a deceitful sexual way, lustful or lecherous

Febrile – adjective – having or symptoms of a fever  or  nervous excitement and high energy  A BBC Article about a North Korean Defector

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