Word Builder January 2018

Word Builder Inculcate: Verb – to teach or instill such as a moral or an attitude by persistence

Typewriter Key

Tom Hanks gave a typewriter to a family who wrote to him:

The letter to Hanks, she said, explained that “we would really use this typewriter to try to inculcate this value of communication specifically around gratitude.”



Word builder; Deicide ~ (Dee-uh-side)  noun~ to kill a god or a killer of a god- had to look up thought was misspelled.

“This ain’t my first deicide, ya know. Gods ain’t so tough.”

From one of my fave webcomics #GuildedAge http://guildedage.net/

Phyrric –  (Pir -ik) adjective -(a victory) won at too great a cost -perhaps too great. Had heard the word by never seen it spelled out. Magneto said it in a

majuscule – noun – large lettering – usually letters all cap and same sized – like in signage or drafting. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20170502-what-your-handwriting-says-about-you

Sanguine – Adj is a cheery disposition or blood red, Noun is a blood red color -Ran across in Titanquest game  – Sanguine Swords

Salacious adjective – in a deceitful sexual way, lustful or lecherous

Febrile – adjective – having or symptoms of a fever  or  nervous excitement and high energy  A BBC Article about a North Korean Defector

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Winter Poetry

Random thoughts on the New Year

Don’t make resolutions – make dreams. Dream big. Then plan what is needed to make dreams real. Then implement.

Grandmaster Iwon Seo once told my son  that “A Black Belt is a white belt that never quit.” Same is true of all art forms.

Don’t quit; that means reality and the naysayers won.

This weeks supermoon inspired this poem. I have a window by my desk and can look out through the treetops and see the moon hiding, The photograph is by Matt Cardy of Getty Images


Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Looking through the cold

the wolf moon’s crisp light

warms my soul in its still beauty



New Year thoughts – Although is odd to put so much emphasis on an abstract created and measured by man.  Every day is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life. Go forth and live,


Yesterday Tomorrow

Behind us certain death

Before us mortality

Actions transcend time

Beyond the physical body


Haiku inspired by reflections on mortality  – Janus dies and is reborn


Bodies wither as

Memories fade across the

ravages of time


What will you do to be remembered?  Make a difference.

Be unique you. Be bold. Be brave. and Be Happy.


Until next time,




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