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Claire Count is a writer branching outside of her comfort zone to share her stories and insights publicly. Resident of Metro Atlanta, USA, her interests include the environment, culture, arts and theatre, Jazz and classical music, organic gardening and bonsai, gaming, and comics. Her preferred literary media is alternative fiction, Fantasy, mystery, poetry and editorials.


As President of the Atlanta chapter of Sisters in Crime, I have been very busy this year and had many surprises. I have been caught off guard by some of them.  I have been asked to be a  panelist and a moderator for two upcoming events. I am delighted to have this opportunity as I always feel like I learn more when I go out and share with others.  Teaching is the best way to be certain you know a subject.

I was not surprised to be asked to participate in the Atlanta Sisters in Crime panels for the Atlanta Journal Constitution Decatur Book fair.  It is the largest independent book fair in the country and draws a crowd of over 70,000.   Saturday September 1st, I will be moderating a panel about Sisters in Crime, what it is, who we are, and what it can do for mystery lovers.  On Sunday September 2nd, I will be moderating another panel.  We can be found in a large quad booth at spot 402. 

DBF Poster

2018 AJC Decatur Book Festival poster by Caldecott Honoree, R. Gregory Christie.

Palmetto Sisters in Crime is hosting their first workshop called Mystery in the Midlands in Columbia, SC on Saturday, July 28th.

Join us for a full day of author panels, writer’s craft workshops, and an author luncheon! Stick around for a signing at the end of the day. Headlined by Elaine Viets, this day-long mystery conference includes over 20 mystery writers from all over the country! Lunch included.

I have been invited to participate in a panel on short stories with Paula Benson and others.  I am thrilled because I attended a panel led by Paula Benson several years ago which pushed me into trying  that style of fiction. Since then I have had 6 short stories published ( some under a nom de plum).

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Is your story a winner?

Then you might want to look into writing competitions.  Great way to get traction, exposure, feedback, and for me deadlines to help push me into grinding and focusing to get a project finished.

read, write, edit, submit, repeat

Most require a minimal fee to cover the administration cost,  under $35 is usual.  But if you are getting written feedback, might be worth paying more as you are guaranteed to get something for it.  Budget for submission fees in your marketing cost.  Some contests run through Submittable website, Don’t let that stop you. It is legit and easy to use.

Poets and Writers Magazine is a must. They have an annual edition with contest information.   – 

Another great source is Christopher Fielden’s website.  He has detailed lists for novels, short stories, and more. Chris’s site includes tips for entering competitions as well as other writing advice.

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