Winter Poetry

Random thoughts on the New Year

Don’t make resolutions – make dreams. Dream big. Then plan what is needed to make dreams real. Then implement.

Grandmaster Iwon Seo once told my son  that “A Black Belt is a white belt that never quit.” Same is true of all art forms.

Don’t quit; that means reality and the naysayers won.

This weeks supermoon inspired this poem. I have a window by my desk and can look out through the treetops and see the moon hiding, The photograph is by Matt Cardy of Getty Images


Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Looking through the cold

the wolf moon’s crisp light

warms my soul in its still beauty



New Year thoughts – Although is odd to put so much emphasis on an abstract created and measured by man.  Every day is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life. Go forth and live,


Yesterday Tomorrow

Behind us certain death

Before us mortality

Actions transcend time

Beyond the physical body


Haiku inspired by reflections on mortality  – Janus dies and is reborn


Bodies wither as

Memories fade across the

ravages of time


What will you do to be remembered?  Make a difference.

Be unique you. Be bold. Be brave. and Be Happy.


Until next time,




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Word Builder December 2017

For some time I have been collecting interesting and unique words and phrases. Words that are new or seldom used that I run across in media or my research.  Dawned on me others might be interested too. As I find them,  I am posting them on my Twitter feed @ClaireCount.  I will do a monthly post to summarize the list.

Excoriate – verb – to severely criticize  –

The ABC boss excoriated his staff after the snafu over Michael Flynn error.  This really jumped out as American headlines almost never use rich language.

Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in BBC’s Luther

Sympatico – noun – bonded, being of the same mind, in sync

I had heard the word before but was surprised it was a real world and not just jargon.  On the same day, I heard it from a sociopath on BBC’s marvelous crime drama Luther, which I highly recommend. Intense acting by Idris Elba.

“Simpatico” was used on Mike Luckovich’s political cartoon on 12/6/2017 for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, which at some point will appear on gocomics.  I admire Mike Luckovich; He is a Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonists and often illustrates events in a way which makes you think about them differently.

Agitprop – Noun – political propaganda often in art or literature

Seen in the outstanding webcomic #Endtown by Aaron Neathery about a supremacist faction


Jugaad –  noun – from India- a hack or finagled solution – An untranslatable word for winging it via @BBC_Culture #amwriting #writerslife #vocabulary

Patrimony – noun – derived from Latin word pater- father –  originally meant inheritance from father now means heritage in general. A word you hear but did not quite mean what I thought it did.  or according to Oxford Dictionary  2) historical meaning – The estate or property belonging by ancient endowment or right to a church or other institution. #vocabulary #writerslife

A detail of the discovered paintings.
A detail of the discovered paintings – Raphael’s last works. Credit: CNN


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